About us

We are a team of multidisciplinary education professionals

Know us.

The WordKids Academy team is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals from education and other specialties.

If one of the basic pillars of WordKids Academy is you, the other is our teachers. Professionals with degrees in teaching and/or ELE certificates of different nationalities, Hispanic accents and cultures.

With extensive teaching experience with children, youth and adolescents.

Some of us live or have lived outside our country of origin and we share with you the experience of a different environment, temporary expatriation, residence abroad or having a multicultural family.

What else can we tell you about us?


Native teachers and professors from both sides of the Atlantic, with peninsular and American accents.

International experience

We know your reality and your needs. We reside outside of our home country.


Graduates in education and/or certificates in language from the Instituto Cervantes. DELE examiners.

We form a learning network

A network of continuous improvement in knowledge, experiences and technologies to offer you the best of us.

Meet our team


and teacher


pedagogical manager
and teacher


quality manager
and teacher

And our advisory team

WordKids Academy has an advisory group of professionals to provide us with their vision and help us detect areas for improvement in our methodology in order to offer you the best quality and learning experience.

Dare to do some of our activities!

24 x 7 global access

Take your course from anywhere in the world.

Certified native teachers

Teachers with certifications from the Instituto Cervantes.

Approved method

Books and online activities that follow the recommendations of the Instituto Cervantes.

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You can make your payments through secure banking gateways.

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