Your first session is free

Choose an available time on the calendar and fill out the contact form. You only need your computer or tablet to discover our fun and effective learning method for kids.

It will be individual. You must be accompanied by an adult if you are under 16 years old. It will last 30 minutes and is completely free!
Basically, talk. We want to meet you. We will play games, different types of activities, we will watch videos, songs, a little bit of everything, so that you get to know our methodology better.
After the test class we will know what level you are for each skill. If you want to test before, we offer a free self-test.
If you liked it and decide to continue with us, we will agree how and when you will do the sessions.
Before starting the course, you must satisfy the first payment. You can see the form and conditions at the bottom of this page.

Dare to do some of our activities!

24 x 7 global access

Take your course from anywhere in the world.

Certified native teachers

Teachers with certifications from the Instituto Cervantes.

Approved method

Books and online activities that follow the recommendations of the Instituto Cervantes.

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You can make your payments through secure banking gateways.

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